Not Broken Enough

I used to feel like, all at once, I was too broken and not broken enough.    Not broken in the right ways; the cool ways. The ways that become the fertilizer for a bestselling memoir or movie.   Alcoholics and drug addicts, these people are broken in the right way. They have gritty and…

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What To Do When the Weight Comes Back

It’s a story I’ve heard so many times. Someone loses a ton of weight and is so delighted and proud of themselves and all the hard work they put in. But then, life happens, and the weight comes back and they find themselves standing in front of their bedroom mirror feeling like a failure and…

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Hunger or Craving? How to Tell.

It’s the middle of the afternoon and you feel like you just need a little something. A cookie would be delicious, but those raspberries in the fridge also look pretty good. Are you truly hungry, or are you just craving something sweet? How can you tell? It’s important to learn how to distinguish between true…

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Knowing vs Doing: 3 Ways to Bridge the Gap

I stood in front of the painting, utterly spellbound. The complexity of the brush strokes. The creative combination of colour elements. The subtle use of light and dark. It made me feel all the feels. I was in the National Gallery of Canada and it was one of Lawren Harris’ famous icebergs that I couldn’t…

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What We Can Learn From A Soggy Rat

There’s an experiment that’s been conducted hundreds of times in hundreds of labs around the globe. Sometimes it’s done with rats, sometimes with dogs, sometimes with broke college students. When this particular experiment is done with rats, scientists take one rat and put it in what they call a “shuttle box.” This is a box…

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Is There A Way to Access More Willpower?

Tell me if you can relate to this… Part of you wants to make healthier eating choices, but you continually find yourself falling back into old habits and eating things that you know aren’t going to serve you. And every time you tell yourself that you just need more willpower or motivation to stay on…

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Carbs or Protein? Do They Even Matter?

We’re all out there searching. Searching for the perfect diet, supplement, or ratio of carbs to protein that will flip the switch and make it finally feel easy to stay on track to lose the weight and improve our health. You know how it goes… You heard about your sister-in-law losing 25lbs doing keto, or…

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A Promise To Make To Yourself

I thought I’d share with you an excerpt from my book, Turning Off The Tap: Overcoming The Real Reasons We Overeat.  This is a declaration that I provide at the very beginning of the book and ask all of my readers to copy out and sign. I share it with you here for free and…

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Should You Count Calories or Listen to Your Body?

Is it better to count calories or listen to your body? Plan out all your meals, snacks, and treats, or enjoy everything in moderation? Restrict yourself more or give yourself more permission to enjoy? The truth is that we need both. Both structure and freedom are required and when we prioritize one over the other…

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