Can Law of Attraction Help you Lose Weight?

For those of you who are huge fans of Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Napoleon Hill, Louise Hay or Mike Dooley, the concept of the law of attraction will be very familiar to you. For those of you who are new to this idea, the basic concept behind the law of attraction is that “like…

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Binge or Healthy Indulgence?: Simple Two-Question Test

Is it a binge or a treat? A healthy indulgence or an emotional eating episode? Balance or chaos?   I, for one, do not want to live in a world where any foods are forbidden. I believe that we can have whatever we want to eat, we just need to consciously make choice and then…

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Everything is Progress (Even the Cookie Cravings)

Before I really did the work on mindful eating and rewriting my relationship with food, this was my typical pattern: Spend the weekend making great plans about how well I’m going to eat from now on. Grocery shop and prep soups and salads for the week ahead. Eat really well on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.…

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Try Eating Like a Girl

In Hinduism, Shakti is a term that refers to the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe. Shakti is associated with the divine feminine – “The Great Divine Mother” and is all about source energy, connection, creation, inspiration and transformation. Shakti is balanced by Shiva. Shiva represents the divine masculine. Shiva is…

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How your Brain is Tricking you Into Eating Sugar and Buying Shoes

You’ve probably heard about the neurotransmitter called dopamine. Many people make the mistake of thinking that dopamine is a “feel good chemical” and that the reason we crave things like ice cream, gambling, potato chips or shopping is because they light up the dopamine receptors in our brains and makes us feel great! Well, that’s…

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What the Reason Might be When the Scale Won't Budge

It seems like losing weight should just be about math, right? Calories in, calories out. If the calories in are greater than the calories out, we gain weight. If we shift the equation and make calories out greater than, poof, we drop the pounds. And sometimes it does work like that. But sometimes it doesn’t.…

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When it Comes to Making Change – Slow Down

Yesterday we kicked off another round of the 10-Day Mindful Eating Challenge. To date almost 1,000 amazing people (mostly women) have taken this journey with me and I absolutely adore every moment of it. I would run this challenge every day of the year if I had the time. I love a lot of things…

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"Skinny" is not a Vision

We spend a lot of time thinking about how we don’t want to feel. We don’t want to feel tired all the time. We don’t want to feel self-conscious in our clothes. We don’t want to feel out of shape. We don’t want to feel like we have no control over our food cravings. But…

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How to Eat Just One Cookie

As a nutritionist who works with women who struggle with emotional eating, one of the complaints I hear most often from my clients is – “I’m incapable of eating just one cookie! Once I start, I just can’t stop!” Sound familiar? Let me be the first to say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating…

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