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Change Your Brain –
Change Your Body program

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This is my signature program. It’s where I teach all the tools, strategies and secrets that helped me break my old, unhealthy patterns with food and literally reprogram and rewire the way my brain thinks about what I eat.

Over 8 weeks with me (online) I’ll take you through my six-part blueprint for reprogramming your old “operating system” so that you learn how to start working with your brain’s natural wiring rather than against it, setting yourself up for long-term success that no longer feels like a daily fight!

We’ll dig deep into your old programming around food and you’ll learn new skills like meditation, mindfulness and visualization to start creating an entirely new operating system that will support your new relationship with food.

My weight hasn't been this low in years! I’m feeling elated, proud and so grateful for the many skills I’ve learned in the Change Your Brain - Change Your Body program. I was nervous to start and take a chance on myself, but I’m so happy that I did! The unique approach and incredible support in the community made all the difference. This has honestly been life-changing for me!

Dar Mitchell

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Mindful Eating Mastery online course

This is an online self-study course that you do on your own time, at your own pace to master the powerful practice of mindful eating. Through a series of video modules and a comprehensive workbook and worksheets, you’ll learn how to master the foundational basics of mindful eating in order to:

  • Beat cravings;
  • End emotional eating;
  • Put a stop to self-sabotage;
  • Navigate social situations and travel.

“I’m learning so much about the difference between feeling hungry and eating mindlessly just because I'm bored or to fill a void.  This has been profound for me. For the first time in my life I can walk away from food because I'm actually really satisfied and don’t need it. I am in awe!”

Lynn Bradley

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Once or twice a year I host in-person retreats as a way to bring like-minded people together in a beautiful space with beautiful food where we can learn, connect and leave newly inspired, motivated and excited armed with new tools to step even more confidently into the life we’re called to live.

I’d love to have you join us for one of these amazing experiences!

“The retreat was such a special time for me. Spending a few days with like-minded, forward-thinking women was so powerful. Seeing that I am not alone in my challenges and willingness to change my life was such a positive experience. Being with Sara in person and having the benefit of all that she teaches us was amazing!!!”

Anne Gilmore

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Business Coaching + Mentoring

Building a successful online business from the ground up that eventually allowed me to leave behind my corporate cubicle job, become my own boss and do something that lights me up inside every single day has been one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

Today, I love helping others who are just starting to build their dreams do what I’ve done.

I only take on a very few business coaching clients at a time but if you’re interested in getting my help to develop and grow an online business that you’re incredibly passionate about and proud of, send me an email at to chat about how we might work together.

It’s time to find out what could be

possible for you...

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Habit Breaker
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Create an easy, healthy relationship with
food that lasts!


Learn how to get your brain on the same page and put an end to night-time binges, self-sabotage and other unhealthy patterns with this 5-minute Habit Breaker.

FREE download


Quit Night-Time Snacking

Start using this simple system tonight!

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