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What’s stopping you?

Tell me, what do think is the number one thing preventing you from staying on track with healthy eating? Did you immediately think of something like: Not enough time Not organized enough to plan ahead Hard-core night-time snacking habit Picky eater No willpower around carbs Too lazy Any of those could be true about you,…

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Decide who you want to be

Very regularly I ask people in my Facebook group, “what do you think is the number one thing getting in the way of you staying on track with healthy eating?” The responses almost always all fall into one of five different buckets:  Lack of time/planning/organization,  Self-sabotage/emotional eating/stress Sugar/carb addiction,  Picky family, Lack of quick, healthy…

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What's your Brain's "Eating Language" Quiz


Take this short quiz to quickly identify your brain’s "Eating Language!" Understanding how YOUR brain thinks about food will be a giant leap towards finally getting the results you want!