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Binge or Healthy Indulgence?: Simple Two-Question Test

Is it a binge or a treat? A healthy indulgence or an emotional eating episode? Balance or chaos?   I, for one, do not want to live in a world where any foods are forbidden. I believe that we can have whatever we want to eat, we just need to consciously make choice and then…

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Stop Fighting with Your Body

By the time clients come to me, they’ve tried everything.  Low carb, carb-cycling, low fat, sugar-free, Paleo and vegan. They own all the Jillian Michaels DVDs, yoga gear, at least one dusty treadmill and have every milestone trinket that Weight Watchers gives out. But they’re still overweight, miserable and frustrated as hell. Part of them…

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Everything is Progress (Even the Cookie Cravings)

Before I really did the work on mindful eating and rewriting my relationship with food, this was my typical pattern: Spend the weekend making great plans about how well I’m going to eat from now on. Grocery shop and prep soups and salads for the week ahead. Eat really well on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.…

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Try Eating Like a Girl

In Hinduism, Shakti is a term that refers to the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe. Shakti is associated with the divine feminine – “The Great Divine Mother” and is all about source energy, connection, creation, inspiration and transformation. Shakti is balanced by Shiva. Shiva represents the divine masculine. Shiva is…

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"Skinny" is not a Vision

We spend a lot of time thinking about how we don’t want to feel. We don’t want to feel tired all the time. We don’t want to feel self-conscious in our clothes. We don’t want to feel out of shape. We don’t want to feel like we have no control over our food cravings. But…

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This is How You Stop Night-time Eating

You’ve worked so hard all day. Whether it was crazy deadlines and infuriating people at work or high-energy kids who never seem to stop fighting with each other or screaming, by the end of the day, when you’ve given as much as you can give and done as much as you can do, things finally…

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