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Sixteen and a Half Years

I think my phone is trying to tell me that I’m wasting my life. The latest update on my iPhone brought with it a fun new feature called “Screen Time” that tracks the amount of time I spend on my phone each day as well as what apps and features I’m using that time on.…

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My Strange Addiction

I love self-help books. Maybe a little too much. I’m sort of an addict if you want to know the truth. I don’t know if they’re really called “self-help” books these days. I think they prefer to be called “personal development” books now. Whatever you call them, I’m a big fan. I buy them all…

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You don’t have to try harder

I remember talking to a client about her habit of binging on junk food when she worries about her son who is 33 and autistic and currently living in a group home that she’s not happy with.“I know,” she said. “I’ll try harder.”“Don’t try harder,” I told her. “You’ve been trying long enough. Relax a…

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What's your Brain's "Eating Language" Quiz


Take this short quiz to quickly identify your brain’s "Eating Language!" Understanding how YOUR brain thinks about food will be a giant leap towards finally getting the results you want!