Don’t Look Now But Your Fabulous Is Showing!

Let’s try a little exercise, shall we?   I want you to take a few seconds now to think about the things you’d like to change about yourself. Think about what you need to improve, what you should try to do better, and what you know you need to work on.   Got some immediate…

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How your Brain is Tricking you Into Eating Sugar and Buying Shoes

You’ve probably heard about the neurotransmitter called dopamine. Many people make the mistake of thinking that dopamine is a “feel good chemical” and that the reason we crave things like ice cream, gambling, potato chips or shopping is because they light up the dopamine receptors in our brains and makes us feel great! Well, that’s…

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What the Reason Might be When the Scale Won't Budge

It seems like losing weight should just be about math, right? Calories in, calories out. If the calories in are greater than the calories out, we gain weight. If we shift the equation and make calories out greater than, poof, we drop the pounds. And sometimes it does work like that. But sometimes it doesn’t.…

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