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Hunger or Craving? How to Tell.

It’s the middle of the afternoon and you feel like you just need a little something. A cookie would be delicious, but those raspberries in the fridge also look pretty good. Are you truly hungry, or are you just craving something sweet? How can you tell? It’s important to learn how to distinguish between true…

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Knowing vs Doing: 3 Ways to Bridge the Gap

I stood in front of the painting, utterly spellbound. The complexity of the brush strokes. The creative combination of colour elements. The subtle use of light and dark. It made me feel all the feels. I was in the National Gallery of Canada and it was one of Lawren Harris’ famous icebergs that I couldn’t…

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Love Your House

We’ve lived in the house we’re in now for about 10 years. The paint on the wood around the garage doors is peeling. It all needs to be repainted. The wooden columns by the front door are rotting around the bottom and I cringe every time I come home and see them. They need to…

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What's your Brain's "Eating Language" Quiz


Take this short quiz to quickly identify your brain’s "Eating Language!" Understanding how YOUR brain thinks about food will be a giant leap towards finally getting the results you want!