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Imagine if You Trusted Yourself

Imagine if you trusted yourself. No second guessing. No judging. No shame or self-consciousness. No assuming you’re wrong, inadequate, lacking or not enough. What if you just trusted yourself? Fully, completely, unconditionally with full and complete faith. What if you took off the armour, set down the shields and stood up tall? What if you…

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The Sad Story of the Lonely Rats

I heard a story today about a fascinating experiment involving rats and morphine.It was actually a series of studies done at a Canadian university in the late 1970s, originally intended to look at the physical mechanism opioid addiction. But what the researchers ended up learning was, in my opinion, far more interesting and enormously telling…

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Daily Offerings

I’m trying something new and I wondered if you might want to be part of it. As you may know, writing is one of my biggest loves. It’s what fills my cup and speaks to my soul. Writing is how I figure out what I’m thinking. When I’m writing I am most myself. So, in order to…

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What's your Brain's "Eating Language" Quiz


Take this short quiz to quickly identify your brain’s "Eating Language!" Understanding how YOUR brain thinks about food will be a giant leap towards finally getting the results you want!