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Who do you need to be?

If you want something you’ve never had, you need to become someone you’ve never been. What does that mean? It means that the reason we struggle to get the results we want is because, right now, we’re not someone who does the things required to get those results. We make excuses. We put ourselves last.…

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The Comfort Zone is a Dangerous Place to Live

Former Navy Seal and ultrarunner, David Goggins, says that when you think you’ve reached your absolute limit, you’re actually at about 30 percent of what you’re capable of. I don’t know how accurate his math is, but I think he’s definitely onto something. The human brain is often afraid. That’s its nature. It’s on high…

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The Wolf You Feed

There’s a wonderful old story about a grandfather who is talking with his young grandson. The grandfather explains to the little boy that there are two wolves inside each us which are always at battle. One wolf is the wolf of light. It represents things like kindness, bravery, and love. The other wolf is the…

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Imagine if You Trusted Yourself

Imagine if you trusted yourself. No second guessing. No judging. No shame or self-consciousness. No assuming you’re wrong, inadequate, lacking or not enough. What if you just trusted yourself? Fully, completely, unconditionally with full and complete faith. What if you took off the armour, set down the shields and stood up tall? What if you…

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The Sad Story of the Lonely Rats

I heard a story today about a fascinating experiment involving rats and morphine.It was actually a series of studies done at a Canadian university in the late 1970s, originally intended to look at the physical mechanism opioid addiction. But what the researchers ended up learning was, in my opinion, far more interesting and enormously telling…

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Daily Offerings

I’m trying something new and I wondered if you might want to be part of it. As you may know, writing is one of my biggest loves. It’s what fills my cup and speaks to my soul. Writing is how I figure out what I’m thinking. When I’m writing I am most myself. So, in order to…

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What’s stopping you?

Tell me, what do think is the number one thing preventing you from staying on track with healthy eating? Did you immediately think of something like: Not enough time Not organized enough to plan ahead Hard-core night-time snacking habit Picky eater No willpower around carbs Too lazy Any of those could be true about you,…

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Decide who you want to be

Very regularly I ask people in my Facebook group, “what do you think is the number one thing getting in the way of you staying on track with healthy eating?” The responses almost always all fall into one of five different buckets:  Lack of time/planning/organization,  Self-sabotage/emotional eating/stress Sugar/carb addiction,  Picky family, Lack of quick, healthy…

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