What the food on your plate really means

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The way you think about food is the way you think about everything.

If we want to get even more specific, the way you think about food is the way you think about yourself and your relationship with the universe.

Your plate is a microcosm.

When we believe we need to constantly restrict and control our food choices,

When we’re afraid of our own desires and cravings,

When we believe we should feel guilty about what we eat and don’t eat,

When we envy or judge others for their relationship with food,

We are revealing what we believe to be true about life and about ourselves.

That there is something within us that can’t be trusted.

That we aren’t enough.

That we are weak and defective.

That things are unfair.

That we will never have the life we want.

That we’re not in control.

That we’re not capable of this.

This is why true, meaningful shifts in our relationship with food can only come as a result of true, meaningful shifts in our perception of ourselves.

We think that if we can change the way we eat, we’ll be able to feel differently about ourselves.

But, the truth is, that it’s only through feeling differently about ourselves that we will ever be able to change the way we eat.



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