Finding Your Steadiness and Sweetness

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I had the opportunity last night to attend a class with a beautiful group of women where the topic of the evening was connecting with the Divine Masculine.

For those of us who study the energies of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, we tend to think of masculine energy as all about goals, measurement, comparison, conquering and competition. We equate masculine energy with always wanting more, always striving to win and always keeping score.

The energy of the feminine on the other hand is about those incomparable, unmeasurable qualities that make us human. The Divine Feminine is about creation, inspiration, transformation, and the intrinsic inter-connectedness of everything.

This is not about men and women. Every one of us possesses both of these forms of energy.  However, we live in a world that is dominated by masculine energy. In fact, in our Western culture, we worship the energy of the masculine and disregard or even mock the energy of the feminine. We use terms like “flighty,” “woo-woo,” or “head in the clouds” to diminish and discredit these aspects that make up half of our nature.

We take pride in the masculine parts of ourselves, and we hide the feminine. And this imbalance has created a deep soul-sickness in many of us – men and women.

As a result, we rarely feel that masculine energy is something that we need to work to tap into or connect with.

But my teacher last night suggested an interesting spin on that.

She offered that those attributes such as ambition and competition are actually those of the “synthetic” masculine – an artificial version that has been fabricated by our imbalanced society. She explained that the energy of the true Divine Masculine is an energy or feeling of safety and steadiness.

It reminded me of an image that another teacher once shared with me. She’d said that, if the Divine Masculine is the boat, then the Divine Feminine is the wind. In this way, the Divine Masculine provides form and holds space for, the beautiful dancing energy of the Divine Feminine. They need one another in order to flourish.

It reminds me of the beautiful Sanskrit terms  – sthira (meaning strength or steadiness), and sukha (meaning ease or sweetness). Like the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, these two terms dance together through the ancient texts and remind us that we do well to seek both the steadiness and the sweetness in all areas of life.

You must find your steadiness so that you can find your sweetness. One without the other leaves us going in circles.

It also reminds us that, while we do need to work to bring ourselves back into balance by honouring and cultivating the Divine Feminine energy within all of us, we also must be careful not to vilify or demonize the true nature of the Divine Masculine which is to provide steadiness, safety and form to the magic of the Divine Feminine.

As I lay in meditation last night, thinking about this slightly different interpretation of the beautiful energy of the Divine Masculine, this is what came to me. I wanted to share it with you.

You are safe.

You are held.

You do not need to earn anything.

You do not need to strive, grasp or reach.

There is exactly the right amount of time for everything.

You can simply be.

You are held.

You are safe.



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