The Comfort Zone is a Dangerous Place to Live

Young lady running in the desert at sunset

Former Navy Seal and ultrarunner, David Goggins, says that when you think you’ve reached your absolute limit, you’re actually at about 30 percent of what you’re capable of.

I don’t know how accurate his math is, but I think he’s definitely onto something.

The human brain is often afraid. That’s its nature. It’s on high alert, looking for danger around every corner and constantly steering you away from discomfort lest it lead to potential mauling by a tiger.

But tigers are rare these days. Usually what your brain is afraid of today is getting on the treadmill, signing up for that class on your own, or embarrassing yourself in front of your co-workers.

Your brain wants to you stay safely in your comfort zone where it knows what to expect because nothing ever changes. But the comfort zone is a dangerous place to live. It’s the land of hum-drum routine, unfulfilled dreams and forever wondering, “what if?”

There’s so much treasure to be mined by digging deep and pushing past where your brain tells you you can’t go.

Almost always, when your brain says you can’t – you can.

When it says you’ll die – you won’t.

And when it says it’s not worth it – it is.


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