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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through light touch.

How Can Reiki Help Me?

If you’re feeling:

  • Stressed
  • Anxious
  • Burned Out
  • Like you never have time for yourself


Or, if you just want to tend to the energetic body to support holistic health and healing, then regular Reiki sessions can be a lovely gift to give yourself.

The purpose of Reiki is to help align the energy flow in your body to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

You’ll feel amazing after your session!

Reiki 1

What Happens During A Session?

My sessions are 60 minutes in length. We’ll spend the first few minutes talking about how you’re feeling and where you’re feeling stuck or challenged so I know where to focus during our session.

Then, you’ll get comfy (fully clothed) lying on your back on my warm, cozy table. You’ll close your eyes and simply relax while I move around using my hands to move energy to certain areas and release energy in other areas, all with the intention of creating more balance and flow in your body and your life. 

I may incorporate tools such as crystals or sound healing to help move the energy in the best way for your body.

For the last few minutes in the session we’ll talk about what came up for you (people often see vivid colors, images or animals during their session) and what those things might mean for your life.

People respond differently to Reiki so after the session you might feel sleepy and want to go home to rest, or you might feel energized and clear headed, ready to take on the world. Both are perfect!


Book a Session with Sara

I see clients for 60 minute sessions on Saturdays between 10am and 5pm only. The cost is $88 (plus HST).

I have a cozy space located in downtown Whitby, Ontario. After you book your session you’ll receive an email with the exact address and instructions for parking and how to prepare for your session.




If you have questions, please send me an email at