Success Stories

I’m down close to 40 lbs! I often feel frustrated because weight loss is usually very slow for me. However, I went shopping yesterday and am down 2 sizes and have even started looking in stores that have regular sizes!! My whole mindset has changed thanks to what this program has taught me and this has made such a huge difference for me!

Anne G.

I was doing the Happy Dance this morning! I’m down 17.4 pounds!! Of which 12.81 pounds was fat loss …. wahoo!! My weight hasn’t been this low in years! I am feeing elated, proud and so grateful for the many skills I have learned in the Change Your Brain – Change Your Body program. I guess I will need to buy some smaller jeans!!

Dar M.

I knew Sara was good, but she exceeded my expectations! I’d been struggling with my health for years, not knowing what was going on and things just kept getting worse. Sara gave me the tools I needed to heal my body and change my relationship with food (and myself!). It’s only been a few weeks, but I already have more energy, am making better choices and have even lost a few pounds!

Julia S.

I really didn’t think I would be able to have a healthy relationship with food, it has always been a struggle for me, being my go-to thing when stressed, or bored or needing a break etc. I would stuff down my emotions with food. Sara taught me new ways to approach these patterns so I could overcome these habits. Now I have a loving relationship – not only with food – but with myself.

Louise F.

I want to thank Sara for helping me change my relationship with food. My entire life I have struggled with a cycle of starving myself then binge eating. My life was consumed by food. It was all I thought about. Using her nutrition and neuroscience knowledge, Sara taught me skills that I can now implement on a daily basis. The result was nothing short of a miracle. I no longer obsess about my weight or making healthy choices. I highly recommend Sara as a coach – I don’t think I could have done this on my own. I finally feel free and I’ve reclaimed my personal power.

Tami V.

Her inspiration and knowledge have gifted me a major change in my lifestyle and I continue to grow and learn from her moment to moment. Sara will give you the tools and the compass to reach your path and free yourself from self-sabotaging thoughts and habits. I passionately recommend her talents, knowledge and approach. Let her rock your world, shift your paradigms and guide you through your challenges for a healthy mind-body connection. Once you begin working with Sara, you will never look back.

Silvija M.

For years I have been challenged with issues surrounding food cravings. I finally decided I would benefit from going deeper and examining WHY. Through our weekly coaching calls, Sara facilitated my healing by helping me to peel away the layers. Her coaching helped me discover the root causes surrounding my issues with food and how I could move forward in a healing way. Today I am free of so many of the patterns and habits that kept me stuck for so long! I am so grateful to Sara for her expertise, insight and non-judgemental approach that allowed me the confidence to look inward and move forward with a new set of tools. I am so grateful to have worked with her and I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with emotional eating issues.

Kathryn H.

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