One-on-One True Health Coaching

We spend 90 days working together one-on-one to dig deep into what’s getting in the way of you having ease and confidence with food. I teach you the tools, skills and mindset shifts you need to start living a truly high vibration life and step into your full and incredible potential.

With this program you get:


  • A clear understanding about WHY you’re constantly getting stuck in the same patterns and habits around food (no, it’s not lack of willpower)
  • An amazing sense of empowerment when you learn how you can literally reprogram and rewire your brain to change the way you think about food
  • Practical tools that will help you change those patterns and habits once and for all
  • Support, accountability and encouragement every step of the way (this is big work)

The program includes:


  • 60 min Initial Discovery Call where I get to know you, we set goals for our time together, and we begin to uncover what’s really holding you back from having the easy and healthy relationship with food that you crave
  • customized set of eating guidelines and supplement suggestion to help you reach your health and/or weight loss goals
  • Customized recommendations around self-care routines and rituals specific to your needs
  • Bi-Weekly one-on-one coaching calls (30 min each) where we work through your program hand-in-hand together.  I’m there every step of the way to help you implement the new changes and teach you new techniques to begin to fundamentally change and improve your relationship with food
  • Recordings of every coaching call so you can review them at your own pace
  • Unlimited email access to me during the entire 90 days so you get ongoing support, encouragement and never have to wait to ask a question when it pops into your head

Investment: $4995 CDN (monthly payment plans available)

Book a FREE 15 min introductory call with me if you want to learn more about the program and find out a bit more about how it would feel to have me as your coach.

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