Between conversations I overhear in the mall or at coffee shops, and the seemingly endless posts on Facebook and Instagram, it’s clear that the time for New Year’s health resolutions is upon us.

I hear a lot of…

“Lose 10 pounds.”

“Get to the gym at least three times a week.”

“No more coffee.”

“Start yoga.”

“Cut out sugar.”

These are all lovely and noble pursuits and I wish everyone luck with them. But, as someone who’s spent years working with clients all over the world uncover the reasons behind their old, unhealthy habits and transform them for good, I believe that there is only one resolution that you really need to make when it comes to improving your health…

And that is to become more aware.

More aware of how and why you’re eating (How fast? Are you truly hungry?)

More aware of the subtle signals your body is sending you about when you’ve had enough, and how certain foods are making you feel.

More aware of the triggers (physical and emotional) that send you reaching for food.

More aware of the feelings (fatigue, stress, fear, loneliness) that you might be using food to avoid or numb.

The best intention you can set for yourself for this shiny new year is not to try to torture your body more at the gym, or deny it the foods that it’s craving. The best intention you can set for yourself is to simply commit to become more aware of what’s really going on with you.

When we’re not paying attention to the real, underlying reasons behind our behaviors, choices and patterns, we get caught up in thinking that our problem is simply too many carbs or not enough time at the gym. The truth is that those are merely symptoms.  Symptoms of unaddressed patterns, fears, triggers, habits and beliefs that – if left unaddressed – will forever keep us stuck in the same old unhealthy ruts.

Once you understand the how’s and the why’s behind your food choices and eating patterns, that’s when you get the power to really start to change them from the inside out.

That’s when making changes like more time at the gym and less sugar start to get a whole lot easier.

If you want to learn more about how you can start cultivating more of this kind of awareness around your own behaviors and patterns, then come join me for a free webinar I’m hosting on January 4 at 8pm EST where I’ll be teaching you three simple steps you can start taking right away to make 2017 your healthiest year ever!

We’ll be talking about boosting mindfulness, conquering cravings, the power of visualization and much more!

Space is limited for this live event so click here to grab your spot now. If you can’t join us live – don’t worry – register anyway and you’ll receive an email the day after the webinar with a link to a recording that you can listen to when you have the time.

See you there!


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