Food Mindset Mastery Circle

A New Approach. A New Tribe. A New You...

The Food Mindset Mastery Circle  

July 1 - December 30, 2018

You've tried so many different ways to stay on track with healthy eating, lose the weight, and break the spell that food seems to have over you.

But, even when you're able to take one step always end up taking two steps back. It's frustrating, exhausting and you worry that you'll never actually be able to do it. Am I right?

You want to get to a place where you can use food as a TOOL to simply fuel and nourish your body - or enjoy (when it's worth it) - but that otherwise takes up little to no thought.

You want to love the way you look in your favourite clothes again.

You want to feel confident and in control around food, no matter where you are or how you're feeing.

You know that another diet is not the answer. You know that there's no quick fix. But you're not sure where to go to find the deeper understanding about what's really going on and how to change it, or get the support and accountbility you'll need to make these changes stick for the long-term.

That's why I created the Food Mindset Mastery Circle.

The Food Mindset Mastery Circle is special. This is my highest level, most comprehensive program. It's only for a small, intimate group (there are only 18 spots in the program) and we work together for 6 full months.

This is where change happens.

No diets. No shakes. No detoxes. Just insight, understanding, clarity, support, encouragement and...freedom!


You're in luck! There are still a few spots left for July! 

Hear what Julie had to say about her incredible experience as a member of the Circle...

Here's what's included...


Learn new tools & strategies, have built-in accountability, and connect with people who "get it."

Value: $2000


You and I dive deep into what's really going on behind your habits and how you can break them. This is the only way to work 1:1 with me now.  

Value: $2500


Printable planning sheets that make it easy to plan your meals, exercise, self-care and overall intentio for the week ahead. An accountability tool that has helped my clients stay on track in a way they never were able to before.  

Value: $150


Have a professional teach you how to meal plan, prep, and make healthy meals and snacks in a way that's quick and fun!  

Value: $1750


A private space to connect with your new support system, celebrate wins and get extra support. 

Value: $500


You never have to do this alone again!  

Value: $500

EARLY BIRD BONUS (only until June 15!)  

Entirely personalized meal plan created by a Nutritionist, including recipes, shopping lists and prep-ahead directions designed just for you based on your personal goals, schedule and food prefrences.  

Value: $1200

Total Value for eveything included in the Food Mindset Mastery Circle: $8600

You pay only: $2500* or 6 monthly payments of $499

*if you've already done the Change Your Brain - Change Your Body program, you'll get $500 off this price!

"I am down more than 20 lbs. since starting with Sara! 

My whole mindset has changed having learned why the behaviour gets the results it gets. I used to go shopping and get so frustrated because I didn’t like being where I was and then I would want to eat to feel better – no longer!!"

Anne G.

"This program has been so pivotal for me! Somewhere along the way my brain literally changed. 

It feels like the battle between my brain and body is over. I still have work to do, but I now have the tools I never had before. I feel so free knowing that!!"  

Melissa O.

It’s such an important gift to give yourself in figuring out this seemingly crazy, unresolvable issue with a group of like-minded people where we can talk about these things openly, and where you get constant support. 

This program approaches this whole issue differently. First, understanding why we do what we do, and then what we can do to change and feel better in a way that LASTS! 

I’ve tried a million things and nothing has ever worked long-term. This program has turned that all upside down and it's the first approach that’s every really worked! It works from the inside out. This goes so much deeper. 

Everything changed because you gave me this new awareness and understanding about my body and over-eating and why I was doing what I was doing. I learned how to cut through all that and come to a place of peace! Now I have all this energy and time that are truly feeding me and my soul! 

Anne C.  

A close-knit, intimate group; 1:1 coaching; and 6 months to create real, lasting transformation

I’m naturally a planner and quantifier, super type A single mom and professional… and leaning in the other direction in this Circle has been so freeing for me. 

I’m so tired of counting carbs and servings and calories and fat grams that I could scream, and looking at this journey with food from a more holistic way has been nothing short of game-changing for me. I could go on and on… Thank you Sara and the rest of the amazing women in this Circle!  

Shannon T.


There are only 18 16 spots available and they'll go on a first-come, first-served basis.